Deca Enduroman Swim

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Deca Enduroman Swim couldnt tell you which day! Cant believe it has been six months already since the Deca, best I start planning which races Iam going to be doing next year.

24 Hour Ultra Trail Run

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Link below to a new 24hr race. Fairly local aswell. Could interesting!

A small insight into the Piece of String Fun Run on the 24th November 2012.

Please click on the link below:

Piece of String Fun Run

Piece of String Fun Run

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Do I or Don’t I?…… during The Piece of String Fun Run! I Dropped out after 97 miles. Race Report to follow shortly.

Alittle article about my forthcoming race on Friday 23rd November 2012!

Starting to get scared!


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This was a challenging race but thoroughly enjoyable and great to meet up with a few friends.

Please select the link below to read my race report.

Big Woody Ironman