About Me

My name is Christopher Ette, I’m 37 year’s old.  I currently live in West Sussex.

I am a Physical Education Officer in the Prison Service, prior to this I spent 8 years in the Royal Marines.

My influence to complete in ultra distance racing comes from my Father and Mother, my father amongst many other achievements is the director of the Enduroman company and my mother has swum the English Channel.

Ever since I was a young boy I’ve always been intrigued by how far I could go, and not by how fast I could do it. My earliest achievement was as an 11 year old and completing a walking race from the North of Lanzarote to the South of the Island, walking through the night  on that event has always stuck in my mind.

Like most people I have had the pleasure to meet and race against we often get asked “Why”? My only answer to that is “Why Not”.



  1. Lynn Ette says:

    good luck chris, really enjoyed looking at your website !

  2. Ed Holt says:

    Good web site mate, hopefully I can come and see you start and finish!

    • Jay says:

      Hello Chris, my name is Jay and I have been given your details by Richard Campbell. I am currently serving HMF however, I am in the process of setting up my company. We are considering running a First Aid at Work course with an added bolt on to include Extended Life Support. I understand that your qualifications could be extremely advantageous to us in facilitating this project. If you are interested in having a chat my details are below.

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