Thames Ring 250

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Next up is the Thames Ring 250 in three days time. This is the third race on my calendar this year having already completed The White Cliffs 100 in March and 2swim4life 24 mile swim in April.

I keep asking myself the question am I ready?

Too be honest I really dont know, Ive approached this race differently to any other I have done, instead of progressively increasing my mileage and running consistently I have done the opposite, my running the last three months has been very little instead I have opted to do more cross training, alot of cycling, skipping and weights.

I feel heavier than I have been for a while which could be a problem but I do feel robust and strong which in a race covering this distance I believe can only be agood

Completion is what Im setting out to do, the cut off is 100hrs as long as I make that I will consider that Goal achieved.

I will try to make updates via twitter and facebook

  1. Mike Alderson says:

    Best of luck Chris, watching you and MikeT, CP2 passed already, things look steady. Hope the weather stays OK for you both.

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